Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi everyone! welcome to my new blog. I am a father of one who lives in Boston. Like most Bostonians, I am a Red Sox fans. Boston is the Red Sox nation! I watch the Patriots and the Celtics too, although my heart still root for the Sox.

But this is not a blog about sports in Boston. This is a blog about my horrible marriage. About five years ago, I met that witch in my church and from then on, my life has changed forever -- for the worst. She is absolutely the worst woman on Earth, and I don't know why I will marry such a horrible monster.

From now on, I will update my blog with the daily episode of my horrible marriage.

For those of you who is trapped in a marriage like mine, God bless!

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  1. I'm going to offer a suggestion, then I'll explain why I don't so this myself. So, obviously, this suggestion should be taken with some major grains of salt.

    Don't do it. Tell her "I'm not going to buy coffee today". When she complains, say "everytime I do this for you, you complain about it. I'm sick of the abuse, so I'm not going to do it".

    In fact, I use exactly this approach, but with my daughter not my wife. My daughter and I'll go somewhere, have a good time, but she'll get upset over some minutia. I tell her if it's no fun, we won't do it any more.

    With my wife, it's more complicated. Refusing to do things crop up again later. Once she called me at work because she was sick. I told her I couldn't leave work. From that moment on, every time I get sick she spends it being sulky and difficult.

    So, I think grown women are more devious than girls, and this won't work. Good to think about, though.

    Good luck w/ everything.